Eighth Kindling – First Love


The first time I fell in love, I kept it to myself for a whole year. I bottled up that feeling, and chucked it away as far as I could. I didn’t know what to do with it. No matter how far I threw it, I could always feel it inside me. It was a small thing the size of a peach pit, nestled, entangled within my innards. It weighed a thousand pounds.

I don’t know what forces guide us, the first time we do anything. But after four hundred days of quiet desperation, I calmly walked to the corner store and bought some stationery. And then I proceeded to write her a letter.

I waited a day.

Memory does funny things to past events. It takes facts and stretches them, until they become legend. What I remember of that letter is that it went on for multiple pages. Maybe four, maybe five. And the gist of it was: I can’t stop thinking about you. But it was so indirect and gutless, I wouldn’t have blamed her if she didn’t get the message in the midst of all the incoherence.

The letter was written in one night, but it took several more nights before I had managed to muster up the gusto to send it to her.

And then I did.

And thus began the story of the first time I fell in love.


4 thoughts on “Eighth Kindling – First Love

  1. This story is haunting and a little sad, and yet so hopeful. LOVE it…

    I found your site through Headliner. I tried to approve a promotion but it failed on me. If you have any more promotions, please let me know. Would love to share your stories.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I am still a bit of a novice on Headliner, but I will try to see if I could figure it out. Thank you for reading and please come back soon!

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