Seventeenth Kindling – Incomplete Versions

Morning Sky

The other day I thought a stupid thought. I told you timidly, that there were times when I just wasn’t sure that I was good enough for you. I wanted to turn myself over to you when I was fully-formed, perfectly packaged. I only wanted to reveal myself to you when I truly was good enough. And so I waited.

I think till now, I’ve only wanted to send you gifts that were fully completed. That were perfect. Because that’s what you deserved. But only now do I realize that in the chase, much has passed me by. Things were lost. And I almost lost you.

Love, this path that we are on, is uncertain, and scary. We speak about what to do, how to plan, so we can do things perfectly. But in some ways, the way we are doing it, is the way in and of itself. There is no wrong path and there is no right path. What is a path? It is simply the thing that we are walking on right now. And I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather walk with.

We hear voices, loving voices, voices that mean well, that point out all of the reasons as to why it is sensible to give in to ease. But of course, the only one that truly matters is yours.

As I photograph the morning sky, I take comfort in knowing that we will be sharing many such skies together soon. And I promise to send as many incomplete versions of me as I have in the meantime.


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