Thirtieth Kindling – Art Is The Answer

Conversation is hard. Because alone-time is my sanctuary, I am a bit more comfortable with silence than most. And so, in the midst of conversation, I allow for long pauses. Which causes some to squirm. But, there is a moment when I switch personas. From the quiet-type to the talk-your-ear-off type. A key is turned, […]

Twenty Eighth Kindling – Hello, I am a Millennial

I am an Education Consultant. The title awards the position a sense of dignity, if only a modicum. We consult, rather than tutor. There is a hierarchy of roles in the for-profit education universe. You have the tutors, the counselors, the consultants, the program directors, the center managers, the managing consultants, and the senior consultants… circling […]

Twenty Fifth Kindling – Diatribe

nick is at it again. he is ranting and raving about something. about what? who can even remember at this point? he could be ranting about “coal farms,” about the “inception of writing,” or about “the die” having been “casted.” the point is, he is ranting. and as he is nearing the end he punctuates […]

Twenty Fourth Kindling – Todo Sobre Mi Madre

“They always change the title! All About Eve should be Todo Sobre Eva,” Esteban complains to his mother, Manuela. Esteban had just noticed that the subtitles to the movie they were watching, All About Eve, had butchered the translation of the title to “Eva Unveiled” in Spanish. “Todo Sobre Eva sounds odd,” retorts Manuela, nonchalantly. […]